About the band

The Mick Ralphs boys

Mick Ralphs Blues Band

Mick Ralphs – guitar
Stuart Maxwell – vocals and harmonica
Jim Maving – guitar and vocals
Dickey Baldwin – bass
Adam Perry – drums

Mick who?


You must remember Mick Ralphs. He invented Glam Rock (well, his mate Pete Watts bought a pair of stack-heeled boots to turn Mott The Hoople into an unforgettable boogie band…) Then, he invented blues rock. Well, he formed Bad Company with Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke and the much-mourned Boz Burrell. If any band was the blues rock blueprint, it was Bad Co.

But funnily enough, you don’t have to remember Mick. He’s still in Mott The Hoople and Bad Company. And, in between sold-out world tours, he explores his blues and R&B roots – kids that’s PROPER R&B, not that weird throat-warbling stuff – with the Mick Ralphs Blues Band.

And if you yearn for that peculiarly British shuffle, with killer, KILLER Les Paul tone leading the way, it’s time you caught up with Mick Ralphs. He’s the undiscovered lion of the British blues – there at the beginning, still knocking out those searing solos. And always with that warm, engaging twinkle.

Stuart who?

Son Maxwell - Mick Ralphs Blues Band

Stuart Maxwell was a blues singer from birth, but didn’t find out until 1974. He still fronts his own band The Shufflepack and occasionally rolls out to random gigs with The Ace Blues Band. He’s a fan of the classic Chess label Chicago blues and loves the swinging, shuffling groove of The Aces above all things. Most things. And he owes everything to Sonny Boy Williamson II (and some to Lloyds Bank…).

Jim who?

Jim Maving

Ok, so Jim’s the good-looking one. A virtuoso slide player, Jim has immersed himself in the country-tinged, blues-driven rock styles of the US, with a particular love of the West Coast heroes of the 60s, including Jefferson Airplane and The Grateful Dead. He’s fronted one of the UK’s best loved touring bands, The Kickback, for years and is stirring up the Americana circuit with rising stars Case Hardin.

Dickey who?


Dickey started playing in local country bands and has had the pleasure of opening the old Wembley Country Festival. He’s worked with Richard Hudson (Strawbs) Albert Lee, Robert Hart (Bad Co) Martin Chambers (Pretenders), bass legend Jason Dave and some of world’s finest pedal steel players. He has wide-ranging tastes in music, yet strangely his iPod is rarely first choice for the van…

Adam who?

Adam Perry

That rare thing among drummers: an erudite, articulate and musical person. Just kidding, drum people. Adam is a rocker with a feel for jazz, blues and country. Back in the day, he toured extensively with cult metal legends Asylum (bingo!). He’s a stalwart of Jim Maving’s legendary Kickback, a teacher, session man and rock solid, dependable groove-maker. The thinking man’s drummer. So what’s he doing hanging round with us?

14 Responses to “About the band

  • Gotta Lurv Da Bluuuuuuuzzzzz :-)

  • Sounds fantastic!!!!!

  • I can’t believe I’ve just found out about all this Ralpher-goingson! Spotted some vids on YouTube and it just looks fabulous. So, where’s the nearest gig to Liverpool please?

  • Old Vic, Swindon Old Town last night – one of the best live gigs we’ve been too ever! 1st class musicianship, great set and atmosphere. Gotta tell our friends to get down and see you soon. All the best,
    malcolm & alison james

  • Hi Mick
    Great to hear you’re going to be out and about and playing the blues. Can’t believe I missed you at the Nag’s Head! Look forward to hearing news about new gigs and recordings.


  • Thanks lads for another great night of blues in yorkshire and thanks again for the autographs and for the pick (mick) come back soon

  • Just watched the video clip. Wow! Can only imagine what a full show would be like. Long time Mick Ralphs fan from here in the States. Best of luck to the band!

    Dave T.

  • Saw you at The Stables last night. Awsome! Great gig guys, thanks!

  • Caught Mick and the Band at The Stables. Great night ! Loved the set. Best of luck guys with the tour.

  • Saw the band at The Musicians last November and again last night at The Diamond in Sutton. What a top band and great set of lads.
    Cant wait til the next time

  • Please see the two links to my website to view two paintings inspired by the recent gig at Bury Met



  • Hello Pete, sorry for the delayed reply. These are great, especially the Stage Lights. Thanks for directing them to us. I’ll publish a link on the site if that’s OK. Thanks again.

  • I sa you playing yesterday in Kendal. As a bassplayer myself I dan only sa that you give me feelings that I only have hen I am on tage myself: juist great wat you do. I Will nog forget youand you are a model for me.

  • Thanks for the night at Bootleggers, Kendal. Nearly didn’t go, but so glad I did. A blisteringly sharp band you’ve got; each one a star. We all had a great time.