New age thinking

This is an evolving archive of new age thinking, writing and art. The goal is to raise people’s understanding of a different consciousness and a different set of values. The way we live now is not necessarily the only option we have. We think there are better ways.

It’s also a place of business, where you can find out about our creative services. Most of all, it’s a place to explore.

Here you’ll find Eckhart Tolle, Terence McKenna, Sir George Trevelyan, Resurgence, StillPoint, harmony, The Shamen, Hawkwind, the blues, jazz, James Joyce, Jack Kerouac, Desert Island Discs, Mary Orrom, Out On A Limb, Carl Jung, John Michell, Vangelis, Cy Twombly, The Grateful Dead, Vuillard, Jackson Pollock, Dexter Gordon, Eddie ‘Lockjaw’ Davis, Miles Davis, Anton Tàpies, Mark Rothco, Nico, Sonny Boy Williamson II and many more. And, of course, John Donne.

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