Natural Art

Have you always wanted to draw, paint, create – but thought you had no talent?

Or feeling a bit stuck, a bit flat, life has lost it’s sparkle?

Not sure what is your next step?

I run natural art workshops that will help you awaken, explore or rediscover your creativity, bringing more joy your life.

What is a natural art workshop?

The Greeks had a word for it: Meraki. It means that feeling of completely losing yourself in the joy of doing something.

Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple, described it when she talked about her mother at work in her garden:

I notice that it is only when my mother is working in her flowers that she is radiant, almost to the point of being invisible – except as Creator, hand and eye. She is involved in work her soul must have. Ordering the universe in the image of her personal conception of beauty.

You see it when a child paints with freedom or scribbles for the sound of it. Perhaps you feel it when you’re pleasurefully, leisurely, preparing a meal or pottering in the garden. You know it when you read a wonderful piece of writing, or hear a transcendent moment of music.

The trouble is, there’s not much room for Meraki these days. The distractions of work and ordinary life keep us distant from our joy.

We’re measured and judged at every turn. It’s all about Results. Outcomes. We ask not, “Was this a joy to do?” Instead, we ask, “What will the payback be?” And we measure it in money, or time, or according to some meaningless measure of quality. “Is it any good?”

So it’s hard to get to Meraki. Because Meraki is about expressing your unique and natural self. You find it when your natural self is free to flow expressively, and in harmony with the Universe. It’s about that sense of connection and the freedom to be true and creative.

Your natural self has probably learned to tuck itself away for most of the time, as a way of escaping the constant judgement and pressure to do things “right” – whatever that means. For many people, the harshest critic is the voice in the head, the one that says you can’t waste time doing something inefficient or playful.

And yet, coming to Meraki, and giving colourful and creative freedom to your natural self, can transform your life, bringing you inspiration, energy and joy. What could be more essential?

This is what natural art will help you to do.

Natural art is a way of giving your natural self a hug of love and encouragement. In our sessions, we create safe spaces for you to play, explore and let yourself flow into joy.

You don’t have to be an ‘artist’. You just need to be someone who wants to get back in touch with their expressive, creative and intuitive side. And if you are an artist of any kind – painter, writer, musician, sculptor, anything – then our sessions can help to free the flow of ideas and inspiration.

There are no entry requirements, rules or special qualifications. You just need to be curious, questioning and ready to explore.

This is the place.

Natural Art.
Let yourself flow.

Yay! Natural Art Workshop

Yay! Natural Art Workshop

Sessions are led and facilitated by Rae Constable, with occasional special guests who share insights and methods.

If you would like to know more or have any queries, please call 07710 622650 or email